Sunday Letters #8: On Rediscovering Twitter for Blogging + Recent TV Obsessions

A roundup of my weekly highlights, including how I have rediscovered Twitter for blogging purposes + some good links for weekend reading.

This past week has been a whirlwind. Not in an actual physical sense, but there’s just been so much happening. It’s been a mixed bag of stuff – dealing with some potential changes in the workplace, working through some personal matters, spending a lot of time figuring out ways to grow the blog, connecting with some old friends, getting active on Twitter after years of neglecting it… it’s just been a lot of stuff!

So I took some time yesterday to vegetate. I started watching Selling Sunset (blame Twitter for making me do this!) and indulged in some of my favourite junk food. I also made some plans for the blog and my shop, which, I’ve really ignored for way too long now. And I am excited. For the blog. For the shop. There’s so much I want to do, and I really love that these outlets are so different from my “real work”.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having a sunny, happy Sunday, with plans for the future that set your soul on fire and light up your life!

Some highlights from my week:


I’ve never really figured out the using social media bit for my blog, like ever. For me, the blog has mostly existed as a glorified version of a journal, though a lot more polished than my notebook version of a journal, sure. And I also happen to be rather shy. Which is why “promoting” the blog never quite came naturally to me.

But something changed a few months ago. Maybe it was the additional time that I had during lockdown, or maybe it was just that I wanted all this time and money that I spend on blogging to mean something. So I started reading up, and investing even more into my blog. Somewhere along the way, I logged back into Twitter after seeing one too many mention of Twitter threads. And what a revelation it has been!

I used to view Twitter as an alternative news source, but we all know how that has gone down. Which is to say, not well. I ended up associating Twitter with trolls and people bashing. Thankfully, being exposed to the blogging community on Twitter has helped me change that perception. Sure, there are still trolls aplenty in Twitterverse, but I fastidiously ignore all the “trends” and “what’s happening” pieces, which is where most of the trolls lie.

For the past 10 days, I’ve been almost singularly using Twitter to engage with the blogging community and the impact on my blog has been almost instantaneous. No, I am not suddenly making millions now :P, but there’s been a definite uptick in the engagement, and that makes my blogging heart so happy. :)


I’ve been watching so many shows of late. I finished both seasons of Sex Education, which was absolutely fantastic. And then in the last couple of days, I’ve binge watched Bandish Bandits on Amazon. Despite some obvious flaws in its plot, I really enjoyed the performances and the music. I also watched Gunjan Saxena with my parents – the makers might have exaggerated the discrimination that she faced at the IAF, but I think it’s a very inspiring story and made for a good watch!

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This lockdown has certainly increased my screen time beyond all bounds! I usually have a show running in the background while I am doing blog stuff. In “regular” times, I would have fought this near-constant urge to watch something new, but given our current reality, I am giving myself some grace and just going with the flow for however long this phase lasts.

What shows have you been watching lately?


An antidote to diet culture.

My newest Youtube obsession.

Currently reading this book and yes, it lives up to all the hype.

This pasta recipe looks delish!

If you need a little bit of a self esteem boost, you should read this.

I am curious to give this 90/10 method of self-love a try.

35 journal prompts to get you started if you’re new to journaling.

These cookbook recommendations by Anna are totally on point.

This new-to-me newsletter is just the kind of tough love I need every day.

I am gonna add these tasks to my monthly to-dos.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to travel again, but these pictures of Split, Croatia are giving me serious travel envy right now!


30+ self care ideas for busy days

How to start journaling

Top image via The Creative Library.

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  1. 8.16.20

    I love this kind of post! It’s great to see the recommendations for other posts as well love that touch! And I am the same with Twitter I used to be scared of using it but now I have been using it for a while and honestly my engagement is thriving because of it! Plus I have made friends through it and I think it’s important 😊 xx

    • 8.16.20
      Shirsha said:

      Yes, Twitter really works for the engagement! I am pleasantly surprised at how effective it’s been! :)

      And thank you, Gemmaa for your kind words. :)

  2. 8.16.20

    Such a lovely post. I was always a bit shy when it came to promoting my blog but then one day, something just switched inside my head and I’ve never looked back since.

    • 8.16.20
      Shirsha said:

      I am trying to get to that space – it’s all about the mindset, finally!

  3. 8.16.20
    Faye said:

    Twitter is incredible for blog engagement isn’t it! There’s so much support between bloggers on there which is amazing. Before starting my blog around 3-years ago I hadn’t used Twitter in about 5 years! I started one up for my blog and have loved the platform ever since :) x

    • 8.16.20
      Shirsha said:

      Absolutely! And it does feel like a community, which is great. I’ve been a very inconsistent blogger for the last 5 years, and have started blogging with some seriousness only in the last few months, so yes, it still feels like baby steps for me, but I am loving this journey right now. :)

  4. 8.16.20
    Steph said:

    Thats so interesting about Twitter. I use to use Twitter loads for my blog but then slowly stopped using it. I’ve now gotten back onto it and I agree getting involved in blogging communities is brilliant, so much support for each other x


    • 8.16.20
      Shirsha said:

      Yes, I shunned Twitter for the longest time because I felt it was mostly a place for people to complain and vent out. The blogging community has shown me otherwise, and it makes me so happy to see the engagement on my blog. :)

  5. 8.17.20
    Sophie said:

    Twitter can be so great for engagement, it really helped me build my audience when I first started my blog. I love Sex Education!! Such a great show, glad you enjoyed it! x


    • 8.17.20
      Shirsha said:

      Yes, I have only just begun to realise the awesomeness of “blogging Twitter”. :P

  6. 8.17.20

    A good TV show and some junk food sounds amazing rn lol! Honestly, I have to agree tho. I never had a Twitter before blogging, and I was hesitant to use it at first. But, I’m glad I did. It’s really nice to engage with the blogging community and read new blogs!

  7. 8.17.20
    Nicola said:

    I always have the TV on in the background now. Eventually im going to have to start writing in cafes or elsewhere because it’s become such a habit whilst at home haha. Great post! X

    Nicola |

    • 8.17.20
      Shirsha said:

      I totally get what you mean! My TV viewing has certainly gone through the roof. I’ll have to start readjusting my habits sooner rather than later! :)

  8. 8.17.20

    Twitter is such a great tool for bloggers! There are so many lovely people on there its such a positive place! Lovely post!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page

    • 8.17.20
      Shirsha said:

      Absolutely agree! I am so glad to have connected with some of you lovely people on Twitter. :)

  9. 8.17.20
    Emily said:

    I actually deleted my twitter! I find it such a horrible place sometimes! I prefer the creativity over on Instagram!

    • 8.17.20
      Shirsha said:

      I am currently in a can’t-deal-with-instagram-phase. Dealing with zero motivation to create any pictures at all, so for some time, I am taking a break from Instagram. :(

      And I know what you mean about your Twitter. I used to find it painful. But since I now use Twitter only and only for the purpose of my blog, I force myself to completely ignore the negative chatter, which has really helped.

  10. 8.17.20

    Twitter is so amazing for engagement on my blog posts, I think it’s my biggest traffic driver! Also, love the memes and hilarity on there 😊 keeps me entertained for hours!

    🌿 Marissa Belle Γ— 🌿

    • 8.18.20
      Shirsha said:

      Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean. :)

  11. 8.18.20
    Zoey said:

    I’ve just fallen in love with Twitter again too! Such a great platform for networking.

    Zoey |

    • 8.18.20
      Shirsha said:

      True! It’s the funniest thing. My page views are already significantly more than that of last month – the only thing that has changed is my participation on Twitter!

  12. 9.4.20
    Sian said:

    From personal experience, I’ve learned that Twitter isn’t for those with soft hearts like myself, but seeing you write about how positive it has been for you (which is absolutely wonderful!) I hope I’m able to use it for good one day.

    Also how great is Sex Education?! Such an easy watch, and such fantastic storylines. I really hope there’s more to come from the series, and that it gets stronger as it goes along!

    • 9.15.20
      Shirsha said:

      As I write this, I’ve been off Twitter (and actually, almost all social media) for nearly 3 weeks now. It didn’t have anything to do with Twitter really, but more so that I was just not in the right headspace to be social, you know. I get what you mean though. Twitter, or any other social media, can trigger anxieties of different kinds. While I am using Twitter, I am laser focused on just blog related stuff and bloggers. I’ve installed a plugin which removes all the trending items etc., which is where I found most of my irritation used to lie. So without that section to distract me, I am having a more bare bones experience, which I kinda prefer. :)

      And yessssssss for Sex Education. I avoided it for the longest time, thinking it was yet another teen TV show, with a click-baity title. Of course, now I know better. :) :) All the characters are so great, and so well acted. I can’t wait for the next season. :)