Sunday Letters #7

And just like that, we’re in August! Wow! When the nationwide lockdown was announced in mid-March, if you’d told me that this situation would go on till August (or longer), I would have probably laughed it off. Which is a thing I do when I have no idea how to respond! But well, here we are. Restrictions have obviously eased a lot, but it still just feels surreal.

At the beginning of July, I’d managed to get some really good habits in place – I was eating mindfully, I was exercising regularly, I was drinking a lot of water and I was going to bed at a decent time. But for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling very off about my routines, and have gone back to resembling a lazy sloth! So, this coming month, I am going to focus on getting back to some semblance of self-discipline. Loosely put, these are my goals for this month:

  1. Avoid eating post 7pm. I was being really good with my IF schedule earlier in July but ever since my sleep schedule has gone for a whack, I’ve found myself reaching for unhealthy late night snacks.
  2. On a related note, my next goal is to fix my sleep schedule. This month, I am going to try sleeping before midnight.
  3. Ready my studio website for an early September launch. Somehow this has fallen by the wayside, but I want to get it back on track. There’s a lot of work left to be done on this one, so I really need to get cracking.

How does your August look? Do you have any exciting plans? And how’s your weekend going? I hope you’ll are having a cozy and restorative Sunday, wherever you are…


I think Michelle Obama’s journey post the White House years has been fascinating. She’s gone on to write a book, start an award-winning production company along with her husband, been a part of a documentary on her life, and now she’s hosting her own podcast.

When an ex-President is living in your house, it’s not difficult to muster up a strong guest list. Not surprisingly, her first guest on the podcast was none other than Barack Obama. And what a cracker of an episode. There’s the content, sure. They spoke about the meaning of community in today’s America, and what legacy they want to leave for their children, and about the state of the government in their country (side note: Michelle Obama knows how to land an epic burn!).

But the part that warmed me the most was the kind of love and respect that they both have for each other. I saw the above picture after I’d finished the episode, and something about it manages to convey exactly that, but even if you were to just listen to the episode, you would totally get that sense of connection, affection and love between them. I don’t think I’ve ever said it for anyone before, but I think Michelle and Barack Obama are true #couplegoals.

There are plenty of quotable quotes from the episode, but this one in particular has stuck with me:

“But I also had a limited vision of what I could be because schools don’t show you the world. They just show you a bunch of careers.”

Go on, give it a listen. You won’t regret it. It really is just fun to hang out with the Obamas. :)


I am no hardcore Taylor Swift fan, but ever since her new album dropped a few days ago, that’s almost all I’ve been listening to. The album is a bit of a departure from her recent pop-centric music, and is probably a going back to her roots kind of move for her. There are a lot of dreamy, mellow tunes which somehow feel just right.

My favourites so far are Betty, Cardigan and Exile.


On a couple of nights this week, I made myself a large tub of popcorn and indulged in some of my favourite romcoms from the 2000s. Namely, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Holiday. I am not much of a re-watcher when it comes to movies and shows, so this was definitely a novelty for me. I was delighted that both movies remained immensely watchable and left me with the warm fuzzies.

Given the overhanging sense of uncertainty that a lot of us are dealing with these days, it helps to have some familiar comforts to turn to, where you know exactly how the story is going to turn out. These two movies definitely fall in that comfort category for me, as does Jab We Met. A complete genre switch, but I count Inception also in my list of comfort movies. Maybe I’ll re-watch that in the coming week.

Have you seen any comfort movies lately?

An interesting look at the podcasting industry which has now become a multi-billion dollar industry

This was one of the best things I read this week – an in-depth look at Tony Robbins’ coaching program. I learnt a few things worth trying in my personal growth journey just by reading this post.

This new-to-me newsletter is fantastic.

I’ve been meaning to figure out a book rating system. This post has given me some great pointers.

The pursuit of self-discipline can be made simpler by letting go of expectations.

Anyone else in the mood for watermelon margarita?

A beautiful guide to visual storytelling.

10 ideas for life-long learning.


15 binge worthy shows to watch right now

5 doable promises to make to yourself if you Struggle to keep promises

Top image via The Creative Library. Image of Michelle & Barack Obama via Michelle Obama’s Instagram.

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  1. 8.4.20
    Zoey said:

    I love Taylor Swift’s new album so much, I’ve been listening to it on repeat!

    Zoey |

    • 8.4.20
      Shirsha said:

      It’s really quite outstanding! ❤️

  2. 8.5.20
    Hayley said:

    I’ve recently developed a love for link lists like yours and so have started sharing my own as of last week. I just love being able to see what other people have enjoyed and what they’re recommending others check out so I was so excited to read this and then I saw that you’d recommended my post and it’s filled my heart with so much joy. Thank you so so much!

    Will be checking out Michelle Obama’s podcast as I could definitely do with a dose of wholesome content right about now. And that visual storytelling post will come in super handy.

    • 8.5.20
      Shirsha said:

      I’ve always been a fan of these kind of link list posts… I mean, it’s such a simple way of acknowledging other content creators, and since I genuinely read a lot, it feels good to me share on the good vibes! :)

      And I really did love your post. I am still trying to figure out my rating format though. :)

  3. 8.5.20

    I love this post!

    I’ve started listening to the Michelle Obama podcast too and I think it’s great :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tilly |

    • 8.6.20
      Shirsha said:

      Thanks, Tilly! Michelle Obama is amazing! :)