Sunday Letters #5

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What a week this has been! It started off on a real bummer of a note but as the week progressed, my mood started lifting. Work on my design project has picked up, so that kept me quite busy, and then I’ve just had the best week discovering some amazing content. Lots of new music, some amazing podcast episodes, and a super fun new workout, which I am loving.

How are things in your part of the world? Have you been out and about? I don’t remember the last time I stepped out of the house but I am really not complaining.

I hope you’ll are having a slow, lazy, and restful Sunday, wherever you are


I’m not really a tea or a coffee drinker. I don’t even really like green tea. I would have the occasional jasmine tea at a restaurant, but that was it.

This was true until about the last 10 days or so, which is around the time I discovered Only Leaf. You see, the thing that used to turn me off from green tea was that I usually found it quite bitter. And the whole premise of Only Tea was that they use only tea leaves, no dust to make their green tea. It’s apparently the dust that lends the bitterness to green tea.

Anyway, I’d ordered an assorted pack of green tea samples from Only Leaf for my mom. I was curious to give it a try, because well, enough has been written and said about the benefits of green tea and I wanted to test out the “no bitterness” claim. After my first tentative try, I was so glad to realise that it wasn’t all marketing bullshit, they really meant it when they said no bitterness. I’ve tried out a few different flavours in the last 10 days, and I might just be a green tea convert, as long as it is Only Leaf.

My favourite so far is the Hibiscus, Cinnamon and Clove flavoured one. The chamomile is a close second. If you like a little tartness, the Amla green tea is also quite good.

I didn’t think there would be a day when I would be endorsing a green tea company, but well, it’s 2020, and stranger things have been known to happen. :P


After completing the Chloe Ting challenge last Sunday, I was looking for something a little less hardcore. I knew I wanted to get back to walking more regularly but I was also looking for something else as a bit of a challenge.

I decided to give the MadFit dance workout videos a try, and I am not joking, it’s the first time ever that I’ve actually smiled, and maybe even laughed, during a workout. I am the least co-ordinated person I know, but despite that, I LOVEDDDDDD the dance workouts.

The songs are catchy, the movements interesting enough. Even when I can’t quite follow the exact movement, I am still having so much fun. Maddie makes the whole experience a real hoot, she’s smiling through the dance moves, she’s singing along, and she seems to be enjoying herself! It’s hard not to have that energy rub off a little bit.


I’ve been getting back into podcasts over the last couple of weeks. For the most part, I was listening to my usual mix of preferred podcasts, but on a lark, decided to try out RomComPods, which comes highly recommended from Grace. It’s a fiction podcast, narrating a new romantic storyline each season. They just wrapped up the first season, titled “Honeymoon for One”. And gosh, I enjoyed it so much!

Honeymoon for One takes you to Italy, and I loved having different narrators for the voices. They’ve managed to incorporate a lot of ambient sounds as well in the background – the dance in an Italian town square, a waterfall, doors opening, closing – which helped in truly bringing the atmosphere come alive.

The story itself is a light, sweet affair, and nothing earth-shattering there, but it still made for a refreshing change. And despite knowing how it would likely end, I binged through the entire season over the course of one afternoon.


Yup, I’ve updated the Wallpapers page with some new downloadable phone wallpapers.


Watch this dance workout video, and then go over the hilarious comments thread! This one in particular cracked me up: “”I lost my balance there trying to be sensual.” This is a metaphor for my entire life.”

A lot of content/media that I consume tends to be either India-focused or US/UK-oriented. This new-to-me publication is a welcome addition to my weekly reads for broadening my content consumption.

Some super newsletter recommendations here.

I’ve been really enjoyed reading Michelle’s blog, and I loved this heartfelt post on her 10-year blogging journey.

Gosh! I loved the photo styling in this post.

An afternoon exercise to define your why.

I cannot stop listening to this album.


I tried the Chloe Ting 2 week shred challenge and this is what happened

Book review: The Most Fun We Ever Had

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