Sunday Letters #3

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This has been a bit of an off week… I’ve just felt weirdly drained. Not felt centered at all. Despite trying to stay focused on the present, my mind has been leaping through the days and weeks ahead and trying to get comfortable with what’s to come… but here’s the thing – none of us really know what’s to come, and I am just having some trouble coming to terms with duality that we all are living in at the moment.

I’ve also been reading Vibrate Higher Daily* by Lalah Delia, and as I’m making my way through the book, I’m having to face the fact that I’ve been living essentially a “low vibration” life for months and years now. To be honest, it’s not like that comes as a surprise to me – for years now I’ve felt like I’m hardly living up to my potential – but to see it all written in black and white, and with all the introspection that the book demands, it’s left me feeling a bit raw.

Anyway, the only way to move forward is to know and acknowledge your base line, because otherwise, how would you even know whether you’re forwards or backwards? This is essential inner work for me, and I finally seem to be in a mind space where I am willing to do the work to make the change happen. Of course, I want to achieve big things, but unless I start, I will never even do the small things, no?

So well, with dreams of a better, more “high vibes” life, I hope you’ll are having a bright, happy and safe Sunday, wherever you are

PS – Are you too watching Hamilton on Disney Plus this weekend?


After having spent the last couple of weeks in a bit of mid-year review and reflection, I’ve finally put together a list of things I’d like to do and achieve for the rest of the year. Namely:

  1. Revive my Instagram accounts, for both the blog and my design studio
  2. Book 3 new design clients
  3. Hit my goal weight by September 30, 2020
  4. Document a “Week in the Life” of these lockdown days
  5. Dive deeper into learning about tarot cards and their meanings
  6. Launch the Studio Rêveuse website
  7. Start learning to read Bengali, my mother tongue

In addition to this list, there are some more personal and work related plans that I do have, which I am not quite comfortable sharing at the moment.

What are you plans and goals for the rest of the year, friends?


I saw yet another beautiful documentary this past week. Honeyland made history this year at the Oscars by being the first film to be nominated both in the Best Documentary category and the Best International Feature Film category, and it’s been a heavily celebrated documentary in the film festival circuit.

Honeyland is the story of Hatidže Muratova, one of Europe’s last few (maybe the only one?) wild beekeepers. She lives in a remote, northern Macedonian village with her bed-ridden mother and tends to the wild bees around the area, using the honey collected to earn a living.

She uses traditional methods to tame the bee and collect honey, and her way of life comes in direct conflict with Sam, the father of the nomadic family that sets up house next to her piece of land, who refuses to listen to her wisdom in the keeping of bees for extracting honey.

In essence, the documentary is about how maintaining ecological balance is critical to the survival of bees and essentially all living beings, humans included, and that when the balance is thrown off, a lot of destruction lies in its wake. With the rampant effects of climate change that we are witnessing around us, the documentary serves a nuanced yet timely message against greedy consumerism and the “fast” culture that we all seem to be entrenched in.


After going back and forth over the new newsletter idea I mentioned last week, I’ve finally decided to send out the first edition tomorrow. You can sign up here to get on to The Good List!


It’s the silliest thing, but for the longest time, I’ve been meaning to make phone/laptop screen backgrounds to share with you all. Somehow I couldn’t get around to doing it… till this week, that is. As I was playing around with some graphics for my design work, I finally decided to hunker down and just get it done.

I ended up making three phone wallpapers, and they are now available for download. In fact, I’ve got a link to the “Wallpaper” page on my homepage now, so it’s easily accessible. I plan to keep adding to it, and while I only have phone wallpapers for now, laptop screen wallpapers are also in the works.

Hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them!


I am seriously motivated to include some stretching into my workout routine after watching the results of Keltie O’Connor’s 30-day stretching experiment

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