Sunday Letters #2

I know I said I’ll probably do this every 2-3 weeks, but well, here I am within a week’s time… let’s just say that I am enjoying this blogging phase and making the most of it. :)

Time seems to be flying by. How is it that we’re almost halfway through this year already? Last night, on a group video call with my cousins, one of my cousins mentioned that his current project in Toronto would definitely go on till the end of the year, and after that he’ll know about when he’s getting back to India. In my mind, I literally imagined that the end of the year was like 9-10 months away, but then it struck me how it’s really just SIX months away!

I spent some time yesterday going over my mid-year review workbook, and I have seriously SO MANY THOUGHTS on where I want to be at the end of the next six months. I’ll probably have a post along those lines in the coming week.

Hope you’ll are having a restful, relaxing and safe Sunday, wherever you are


One of the things about being mindful of the content that I consume has been realising that I’ve been reading pretty much the same blogs for the longest time now. There’s nothing wrong with that, obviously, and they are really good blogs, so that’s not the issue, but well, it almost always helps to freshen up things a bit. To discover new-to-you stuff. In this particular case, blogs.

I’ll have a post up in a couple of weeks about some of the gems I discovered, but seriously, I was so happy to find some new-to-me, good, quality content blogs. It really opens up a new point of view, and I’ve found some of the blogs downright inspiring in terms of the content they are creating. And the photography… wow… I feel like some bloggers have been really upping the photography game, and I think that adds a fresh layer of beauty to the written content.

Like I said, I will have a broader list out in a few weeks’ time if you’re also looking for new bloggers to follow but I definitely need to make a mention of Daisybutter and Chapters of May right away. I think as I browsed through their blogs for hours, I kind of fell in love with blogging all over again.


My current design client, she’s heavily into eco-conscious living and over the last few weeks, she’s shared a lot with me about her own journey and all the changes that she has slowly made over the years.

On her recommendation, I ended up watching this documentary – Chasing Coral. She’d told me it was one of the most striking things she’s seen in the recent times, and how it was equal parts sad and uplifting. She wasn’t lying.

The documentary is about the rapid disappearance of corals from our seas and the crew goes to great lengths to capture all that on video. It’s obviously a highly technical challenge, being able to photograph underwater for days/weeks on end. I was highly impressed by the kind of dedication that the team had towards documenting the large-scale bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef – you have to watch it to believe the kind of efforts they took to film this documentary.

The world of corals is extremely fascinating, as I learnt from watching the documentary. For the first time ever, I kind of understood what corals really are. And god, live corals are just absolutely stunning!!! To witness their transformation from thriving, living colonies to dead stone-like scapes in the documentary is really saddening.

It’s definitely one of the most eye-opening documentaries I’ve seen, and I truly want to start incorporating ways of living more consciously.


As I’ve been spending more with the blog in the last few weeks, I’ve had new ideas for posts and content come up ever so frequently. Apart from the bi-weekly newsletter that I’ve been sending out, I’ve decided to start another weekly newsletter, where the objective is to deliver a bite-sized snapshot of good things to read, watch, do, listen, etc. to your inboxes every Monday morning (or maybe Sunday night, depending on your timezone).

It will be like a highly curated recommendations list, with a hint of motivational goodness, delivered at the start of the week to you all. I am super excited about this one, and I am planning to send out the first edition real soon.

If you’re already subscribed to the Good Living Digest, you won’t need to do anything additional to receive the new newsletter. Any new reader wanting to get onto the list can sign up here.


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