Sunday Letters #1

Sunday letters

Lately, I’ve been missing how how blog posts used to basically act as stand-ins for journal entries. I mean, the OG blogs were essentially just word-vomit, albeit in a pretty and formatted manner. :)

So I dreamt up this new series. Sunday Letters. Letters to you. Talking about a whole lot of everything and nothing in particular. I don’t intend for this to become a weekly feature (there’s only so much I want stuff I want to bore you with :P) but I thought this could be a once every 2-3 weeks-ish kind of update.

Read on for the latest happenings (or more like, non-happenings) in my life and some other things on my mind.


This has been a very different kind of “lockdown” week. I flew to Calcutta last week to visit my parents (yes, it was almost as anxiety inducing as I thought it would be), and it’s been a pleasure really, to spend this kind of uninterrupted time with my parents for the first time in many years.

My visits over the years have been what I would best classify as flying. I would usually get in on Friday night, and be ready to fly out again on Sunday night or Monday morning. This happened a few times a year. And sometimes I would also spend about a week around Christmas with my parents.

This is the first time in forever that I don’t have my return tickets booked yet. Work from home life has made it possible for me to be here with my parents comfortably without having the the pressing need to rush “back to work”.

All this to say, it’s nice to be home, even if I am being mindful of maintaining physical distance from my parents for at least 14 days. I’ve fallen into a loose routine, which is altogether not very different from my routine in Bombay. I’m overindulging on fish and my mom’s been cooking up a storm, making me all my favourite Bengali dishes.

This feels like a luxury, really. This time with my parents. No one’s in any rush to get anywhere. For all the ways in which the coronovirus crisis has changed our lives, I am still unbelievably thankful for this time. I am not unaware of the health risks that are still lurking around but for now, for this present moment, I am really grateful.


I usually breeze through the books I read. If you saw my books recap earlier this week, you will notice how a lot of the books are decidedly “light reads”. What I’ve been reading over the last week has been anything but.

I started reading Rha Goddess’ The Calling on the flight home. Since then I’ve only been dipping into it a few pages at a time because it’s one of those books which makes you sit back and reflect on your life with a clear lens. Through the book, Rha asks you challenging questions, and most importantly, drives home the point that you have the power to co-create your reality, in both positive and challenging ways.

Obviously, The Calling is not the first book to talk about belief systems and co-creating and manifesting, but I think we learn certain lessons only when we are truly ready to understand and appreciate it, no matter how many times prior it’s been there right in front of us.

I also just finished reading Claire Lombardi’s The Most We Ever Had last night. It’s one of those multi-generational tales that seem to go on forever. I actually love these kind of books but at many points during the course of this one, I really felt like I would give up.

It’s long, it’s meandering, and nothing seemed to be really happening. It dipped in and out of the characters’ lives at random, and I was struggling to understand the point of it all. But in the last one-third of the book, it all sort of comes together beautifully, like almost all good books, and along with it, a host of some really honest life truths, put across poignantly.


Sushant Singh Rajput was a good, talented actor but admittedly, not the most popular one. Yet, his death by suicide last weekend seems to have rattled a lot of people, even those who weren’t necessarily invested in his life beyond the movies he did.

A lot of bad blood has also erupted, which is really kind of sad, but more than that, it’s made people sit up and realise that even when it appears that someone has “it all”, we really don’t know the real story. There are reports of him suffering from depression going around. Depression is a reality that many people, celebrity or otherwise, deal with and while I’d like to believe that suicide can never really be the answer, it’s heartbreaking that someone can reach a point in their lives when that seems to be the only option.

WhatsApp forwards would have you believe that it’s super easy to get rid of suicidal thoughts, which I think trivializes the tragedy of the act, but beyond all the noise, I think it’s important to take a step back, and truly take stock of your own mental health (and seek help as and when needed), and try to practice as much kindness as you can to others. And the next time you feel tempted to ask the question “what does he/she have to be depressed about”, remember to quash that thought, and replace that with maybe some empathy.

How is the lockdown/quarantine situation in your part of the world? And what’s the latest with you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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