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June Digest / Link Love
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POEMS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE: The wisdom and soulfulness of poetry is something that I’ve come to appreciate only in the past few years. The first time it really hit me was when I read Wild for the first time. Since then, #instapoetry has opened me up to yet another form of poetry. I still can’t quite say that I am some sort of a poetry connoisseur but admittedly, I’ve come to realize how they can act as a balm for our souls, speaking words and emotions which we may never be able to articulate ourselves. Which is why Joanna’s post on poems that can change your life turned out to be such a gem of a read. Do not miss the comments. There is a world of beauty in them.

THE PANDEMIC BODY: I’m having a hard time loving my body right now and to be honest, I’ve been treating it like a garbage bin for the last 6 months now. Not proud of it, and but even as I slowly start to embrace better habits, it’s still hard not to beat myself up. This post was something that I needed to read. No, it didn’t change my body image issues overnight, but it felt kinda nice to be seen, you know.

THE TOXIC WORLD OF UBER PRODUCTIVITY?: It’s impossible to browse through TikTok or Youtube without at least one young entrepreneur(?)/influencer telling you about how their productivity hacks have turned them into a 6/7-figure earning powerhouse. It almost feels as if you haven’t devised your own patented ‘productivity system’ by the age of 22 (ugggghhhhhh!!!!), you’re not doing life right. The lines between actual productivity and visually appealing productivity are fast blurring and I sometimes wonder if we’re spending too much time learning to be productive than being actually productive!

ON CHANNELING MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY: Michelle’s writing is always heartfelt and her post on embracing main character energy was no different. Do you truly treat yourself as the main character of your life? As with just about everything, social media takes a thing and flogs it to a point where it completely loses its original meaning, but still, the biggest takeaway for me is to embrace living life on your own terms and seeking your own version of happiness!

WALKING WORKOUTS TO TRY: Now this is the kind of exercising I can get behind.

GRAY MALIN’S NEW BOOK: I’ve followed Gray Malin’s journey as a photographer for almost the past decade, and I continue to be astounded by his photographic vision. I’m treating myself to this career retrospective coffee table book real soon!

WORTH THE FOLLOW: Learning to communicate effectively is a life skill that I’ve really been trying to hard to improve upon. Discovering Upasna on Instagram and her simple & effective techniques has been a real blessing in that regard.

A FEW TWEETS I’VE BOOKMARKED: This, this, and this.

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