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After a weirdly lackluster September, I am truly glad that October is here. It happens to be my birthday month, so maybe that adds a layer of excited-ness to it all. Not like I have any grand plans for my birthday, but still, it feels like a good time to reset and set good intentions for another year around the sun.

This past week was a good mix of activity and downtime. I was a bit tied up with some office work, and I am finally getting around to blogging again. I also have some exciting plans (well, to me at least!) for an Etsy shop! I am looking forward to pouring all the creative energies from last month into something concrete.

This weekend you’ll mostly find me on my laptop, working my way through some posts for the coming weeks, and trying to figure out what the bloody hell is up with my recent Pinterest performance! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


If we look hard enough, even in the toughest of weeks, there will usually be some sparks of joy. I used to love doing this little-ish column till sometime back (totally inspired by Michelle’s Petite Joys posts). I am planning to bring this back more regularly now.

☼ My aunt’s surgery going off successfully. She’s been in a lot of pain for the last couple of years, so I am glad that she is finally on her way to better health now.

☼ The amazing fish chops that my mom’s made a couple of times in the past week. I’m absolutely going to make her write down the recipe for me so that I can try it out sometime as well.

Rewatching Lootera and enjoying it just as much as I did when it came out in 2013. The soundtrack of the movie is something else.

☼ The near-perfect ending to Season 3 of Borgen. The season was a bit wobbly on the whole, but the last few episodes were absolute crackers. Loved it! Sidse Babett Knudsen is such a terrific actress. It was a joy discovering her through this really well-done show. Also, Danish seems like a really difficult language!

☼ All the inner work deep dive I’ve been forced to do in the last couple of months. I am finally starting to feel truly in tune with my inner self, and I am loving this self-(re)discovery path I’ve been on. It’s been teaching me so many lessons.

Not like I need to add any more things on my creative plate, but I’ve been contemplating starting a bullet journal. Michelle’s post on bullet journaling essentials might help me start out!

Self-help books for people who hate self help books.

I love everything Morgan Harper Nichols. This interview with her made for a great read.

I have to admit that I quite haven’t learned how to have proper disagreements. This article on how to disagree like an adult has some useful pointers.

Astrological forecasts for 2021 are starting to pour in, and well, it looks like (another) intense one!

I cannot wait to try out this pasta recipe!

An amazing roundup of recent reads. I’ve already added some of them to my Kindle cart!

A minimalist approach to social media. I loved the tip about setting an intention for your social media usage.

100% agree with this – self care is so much more than face masking.

This new desert home is STUNNING!

I desperately need some new headshots. This post has some great ideas and tips for headshot photos!

10 useful mindset shifts for leaning into your self worth.

Could mindful eating be the end of start-and-stop style eating habits?


21 Fabulous Travel Coffee Table Books That Make For Amazing Gifts (+ Inspire Wanderlust)

30 Empowering Self Love Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

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  1. What a lovely post, it somehow brought me a large sense of peace. Very happy to hear about your aunt – it’s always great to know someone is on their way to feeling a lot better than they did before. Happy October!

  2. So many exciting things to read here! I’m so glad to hear your aunt’s surgery went smoothly and that you’re starting to feel a bit more in-tune with yourself ahead of your Birthday month. September was an odd one for me too – it took a while to arrive, but was seemingly over in an instant. I guess the lingering end of Summer was likely the culprit! Fingers crossed for better days to come!

    1. Thank you so much for your wishes, Sian. And I hope you have better days ahead too. September really did throw me for a spin!

  3. I love this format of post Shirsha! I especially love the tiny bits of happiness segment. Have you announced what you’ll be selling on your Etsy shop yet? I look forward to checking it out!

    1. Thank you, Clarissa! Glad you enjoyed it. For the Etsy shop, I am planning to use it as an extension of the blog… so lots of positive affirmations, some motivational prints and the like. I am so looking forward to making it love in a few days. :)