Notes for the Weekend #2

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I’ve had a busy work week, and I am kinda working over the weekend as well for a big meeting next week. So things have certainly not been quiet on the work front!

And then there is some exciting shit going down this weekend on the blog as well. Okay, well, to be fair, it’s more of an exciting behind-the-scenes stuff – I am finally moving over to a new domain!!! I have been wanting to do this for a while actually, but kinda chickened out thinking about all the effort that goes into moving your domain name and all.

Luckily, I’ve got an amazing new hosting plan now, and once the transition is done, I’ll go into some more details about the move! So yes, the blog may be unavailable for a few hours over the weekend, while we get the technical bits sorted!

Anyway, while I have you here, I have a few tiny bits of joy and some great reads for your weekend – I hope you all have a wonderful one!


☼ Reading the perfect slow burn romance novel that is The Wall of Winnipeg & Me.

☼ Binge-watching Emily in Paris. Despite the clichéd French stereotyping, it still felt like a light-hearted escapist watch, and I’ve definitely needed a little bit of escaping from my emotions/reality over the last couple of weeks!

☼ Finally watching Cobra Kai, and it lived up to all the hype!

☼ Realizing that I’ve been keeping up with my One Line A Day journal for almost 2 months now.

☼ Receiving my solar return reading from Julia. I absolutely love her readings, and I might end up making an annual happy-birthday-month tradition for myself.

☼ Super excited about the move to the new domain!

This photo essay about small British islands and their caretakers warmed my heart so much.

This collaboration smells all sorts of amazing.

This new-to-me book(ish) blog has some amazing content. I’ve been digging into the archives, and I am seriously impressed!

This post on the things you feel when a big life change is around the corner resonated so much with me.

I’ve been following Clarissa’s version of her own Happiness Project for the last couple of weeks, and it’s been a pleasure reading her daily posts.

After falling in love with Mariana Zapata’s writing, I’ve promptly ordered a couple more books written by her. I can’t wait to start reading Kulti, a love story based around football (real football, I mean, soccer! :P) which has all-around amazing reviews!

Michelle’s petite joy posts (my original inspiration behind the Tiny Bits of Joy section) are always such a pleasure to read!

Maybe it’s time to choose a theme instead of focusing only on goals?

Yes to sanity garden sheds! Now where can I get one for myself?

This article led me to discover Sasha Sloan’s hauntingly beautiful voice and my current favourite song.

This was one of my favorite takes on the “how it started/how’s it going” memes. Such a dream. 💛


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Cover image by The Creative Library.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post, Shirsha! I’m so flattered you felt inspired by them (: Emily in Paris was such a guilty pleasure. The outdated stereotypes, highlights reel of Paris… but it was the sort of lighthearted, nonsensical watch most of us needed during these times. Here’s hoping season two is just as non-scandalous and filled with better French representation!

  2. Hahah “real football” that made me laugh. Isn’t it true though. I was just wondering – did you also change the name? I felt like it was different before but to be honest I often remember the persons name and not the blog name. Also I started watching Emily in Paris and once you understand that the clichés are a parody its rather entertaining and really the best entertainment right now.