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One of the things about being on the wrong other side of 30 is that your skin basically makes you pay for all the lazy and unhealthy sins that you committed in your 20s. There is just no escaping it, unless you’ve been a superhuman all along and basically spent your 20s being an epitome of balance and healthy habits. #notme

So obviously, skincare has become a big focus item for me in the last year or so, and it’s actually been a good thing. I mean, some Friday nights, the thing I look forward to most is reaching home, finishing dinner, and getting my mask on. Yeah, seriously.

In my experiments with skincare and beauty, I’ve tried out a decent variety of brands and products (aka spent a shitload of money!) and spent many, many hours poring over blogger recommendations, Sephora reviews and magazine blurbs to find the next big/best thing.

Having invested all that time, money and energy, it kinda broke my heart that some of my priciest purchases, which have been touted as holy grail products many million times over by women from all around the world, turned out to be duds that did next to nothing for me. I’m not saying that these three holy grail beauty products that I’ve mentioned below are not good, just that they didn’t work for me, or more specifically, they didn’t work well enough for me to justify spending all that money.

1 | SK Facial Treatment Essence – About six months ago, I scored a good deal at the airport duty free on an SK package which included the Facial Treatment Essence, the RNA Power Day cream, the Gentle Cleanser and the Facial Treatment Essence sheet masks, so I was super excited to finally get my hands on the famed FTE. However, none of the products featured in the package made any substantial impact on me. I don’t see any difference in my skin tone or quality even if I don’t use the FTE for a few days. So for something that pretty much looks and feels like water and does practically nothing for me + costs a bomb, I am not even going to consider restocking.

2 | Sunday Riley Good Genes – This was probably the most disappointing purchase for me. It’s just so oily on my skin, and it never seems to sink in. I have combination skin, so I only want to use products that don’t leave an oily film on my face. No matter how many times I’ve tried this and however long I’ve let it be, the serum just seems to sit on the surface of my skin and makes me look like I’ve washed my face in oil. Not a pretty sight. The same package also had a small bottle of the Luna Oil, which has worked much better for me. It absorbs quickly enough, and while I still prefer Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, it at least gets the job done.

3 | Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask – I love the philosophy behind Tata Harper’s natural products beauty line and was totally kicked about purchasing their much loved Resurfacing Mask when I visited New York last year. The mask has a gel-like consistency, which I like, and a little goes a long way. However, despite having tried it a fair number of times in the last year or so, it’s never made any dramatic difference to my skin. Sure, I do notice a slight tightening in my skin after I’ve applied it, and it’s never made me break out, or any such thing, but I’ve had much better results from other masks which are way cheaper and available a lot more easily in my part of the world.

One of the key things I’ve learnt from all this experimentation is that obviously products don’t work universally (duh!). Also, I think I pretty much failed to factor in the impact of climate. Most of the recommendations that I read were from people living in a non-tropical environment, and while I can’t be sure that climate was THE key factor for these products not being as effective for me, I would think that it obviously plays a part, right? Another thing, just because a product is expensive does not mean that it will be effective for you.

All this is not to say that I will not splurge on holy grail skin care products ever, but just that I will be way more mindful of what I am spending on, and try out samples if I possibly can.

I’m putting together a post on products that have worked for me and that I love (iconic or not!) which I’ll share with you all sometime next week, I hope. In the meanwhile, tell me, have you had any bad experiences with famed, iconic beauty products?

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