Loving Lately: Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipsticks

my latest lipstick crush!

In love with this near perfect range of lipsticks from Bobbi Brown - the Bobbi Brown Crushed lipsticks #lipsticks #makeup #bobbibrown #bobbibrowncrushed

Till about 3 months ago, the thought of wearing lipstick to work every day seemed like a foreign concept to me. It was one of those things that I put in my “good for her, but it’s not for me” list. It’s not that I didn’t own lipsticks that I could wear to work (I mean, admittedly, I’ve come a long way from my unmakeup snob days!), but I kinda just felt that suddenly wearing lipstick to work would feel unnatural and that I would become too visible (note to self: people don’t really care).

So well, I resisted it for the longest time. Occasionally (like maybe once in 3 months!!!) I would wear a nude shade to work (MAC Velvet Teddy for the win!), but that’s about the extent of my lipstick wearing to office would go.

The perfect everyday wear lipsticks - the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick range. #bobbibrown #lipstick #makeup

Until, I just wanted to shake things up a little bit. Until, I decided to take a chance on the Bobbi Brown Crushed lipsticks range, and promptly fell in love.

I mean, seriously, you guys! It’s my absolute favourite lip product these days, and now I’ve even gotten my sister-in-law hooked to the range.

Okay, so the texture – it does not feel heavy like regular lipstick. It’s more like a tinted balm and you can control the intensity of the colour with the number of swipes. It does not dry out my lips, and even with the darker colours, I don’t get that “oh my god, the whole world is looking at me” kind of feeling (anyone else ever feel that way when they wear anything but a nude lipstick??!!??).

The perfect everyday wear lipsticks - the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipsticks range. #bobbibrown #lipstick #makeup

The only downside to this lipstick collection is its staying power. It does not last through meals and heavy drinking, but even when it fades, it leaves just the slightest of color on your lips, without that dirty streaky thing that most other lipsticks seem to do. And honestly, frequent reapplying is a very tiny price to pay for the overall awesomeness of this lipstick range!

I am so in love, you guys, that in a little less than a month’s time, I ended up purchasing 5 shades from the range, and I cannot get enough of them.

It’s the perfect range for everyday wear, and when I wear it, I just feel a little more confident, a little more put together, a little more happier.

Yes, all that from just a swipe of lipstick!!! Miracle product, right?

The perfect everyday wear lipsticks - the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipsticks range. #bobbibrown #lipstick #makeup

I own Cherry (a not-so-intense red), Cabana (the perfect coral), Plum (a warm, soft berry) Babe (a very subtle pink) and Bare (the perfect nude). My favourite of the lot is probably Cabana, but I think Plum is my favourite everyday wear shade.

If you’re looking for a lipstick that’s comfortable and hydrating enough to wear on a daily basis, I implore you to check out Bobbi Brown Crushed lipsticks range. You will hopefully fall in love too!

Have you used the Bobbi Brown Crushed lipstick range? What is your favourite shade?

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